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Details of Shear Wensleydale Wool & Products

If you want to visit us in person, to see our sheep and products, please just ring us and make an appointment. We are always happy to meet with people who share our passion!

If you prefer, you can buy online – just click on the links below and you will go through to our online shop.

Pure Wensleydale DK / Aran yarn
Containing no kemp, it is a high-lustre soft yarn, ideal for knitting, crochet and weaving. We produce solid colours or hand-dyed – we can dye to meet your needs. Available in 100g hanks or If you are just looking for a small amount of wool for your latest project then these 20g mini hanks might be just the answer! Soft and lustrous they can add lovely detail to your work!- 100g Pure Wensleydale wool- 20g Pure Wensleydale wool.

Wensleydale locks (Pure Wensleydale)

Famous for their long locks, our flock of Wensleydales have produced a fine crop of locks this year. They come in a variety of lengths and crimped from the root to the tip. We have washed them so they are ready for you to use straight away. And because the locks are a natural product that come straight from our sheep, they each vary slightly in colour – each lock in unique! We have:- Natural White Wensleydale locks (ideal for a Father Christmas beard or for you to dye your own),- The Variegated Brown Wensleydale Locks (black at the root and ginger at the tips); and- A limited amount of Silver / Grey Locks, with natural sun-bleached tips. The high-lustre on the locks, means they take colours beautifully. We sell them in mixed packs by weight, or if you contact us we can provide specific colours to suit your needs. If we don’t have the colour you are looking for – we could always dye it for you! Perfect for felters, weaving, knitters, crocheters and spinning art yarn.- Hand-dyed Wensleydale locks

Wensleydale tops and rovings
Ideal for spinning and felting we have white tops and coloured rovings available and are super soft to the touch. Available by weight. If you require a specific amount then please ring us to discuss.

Unwashed fleece is in very high demand. Contact us if you would like to discuss what fleeces we have available currently.

Caps in Wensleydale Tweed
We have recently started weaving our own range Wensleydale Tweed, which we are turning into these fabulous caps…. all handcrafted on our small holding here in Wensleydale, with the sheep that produced the wool looking over us from their field here at our home. Available in a variety of colours and sizes – ring us to discuss your personal preferences.

Because we hand-craft our products, if you have any preference for colour, style or quantity just let us know. We will do our very best to help!

Best wishes from us and all our sheep here in Wensleydale!

Visit us in person by appointment, by phone 01677 450558 or through our online shop!

Wool Supplies from Shear Wensleydale.
01677 450558 / 01677 451835
Elmfield House, Arrathorne, North Yorkshire, DL8 1NE